• Administering Medication
  • Scooping Litter
  • Bringing in Mail and Newspapers

 In-Home Service Includes:

  • Fresh Food & Water
  • Playtim​e!
  • Dog Walks

Top-Notch Pet Sitting

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Whether you need pet care for several days or just one afternoon, we are available to keep your pets company while you're away.  We do our best to entertain and comfort your pets, to alleviate boredom and help them to feel secure in your absence.

We can visit your home up to 3 times per day: Early Morning, Mid-Day,  and Bedtime to care for your treasured pals!

We will also bring in your mail and newspaper, take out the trash, and water a few plants at no extra charge.  

For dogs, we require a minimum of 3 visits per 24-hour period. This is for your pet's health and well-being; waiting 12 hours to be let outside can cause problems such as urinary tract infections. 

For cats, we require a minimum of one visit per day. 

 Serving Bloomington  and  Ellettsville,  including  Bottom Rd  area.   

  • Watering Plants
  • Regular contact with you

 Andi Haynes 

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